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Left Sock on 1st….

As long as I can remember, right back to my 1st football games, I have always had a thing about putting my left sock on 1st. Random I know but it has been an ever present in my life from sports; cricket padding up left leg 1st, to now an every day life routine. I […]

Who run the world?….girls…

Do not really want to get into a gender debate here (and so early in the morning) but I was thinking this morning who does actually run the business world today? Might sound a weird question but I was at an event the other week on digital marketing and they spoke about Google in great […]

Welcome to Bespoke Retainment Group!

First off, thank you for visiting our shiny new site. We hope you like the look and feel of it, we certainly do and over the next few days, weeks and months we will be adding lots of relevant content to keep you entertained and coming back for more.  But let’s start from the beginning: Bespoke […]

The Work-Life Balance…Have You Got It?

There’s only one way to find out 1. Have you forgotten what sunlight looks like? 2. Do you eat lunch at your desk, if you even eat it at all? 3. Are you making more stupid mistakes? 4. Have friends given up on asking you out? 5. Relationships? They’re a thing of the past. 6. […]

Interview Winning Tips

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. No this isn’t the beginning to Eminem’s hit ‘Lose Yourself,’ it’s a guy at a job interview. There’s nothing like a big job interview to get the heart beat racing and hands sweating so much that you have to wipe them on your trousers before shaking […]

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