Who run the world?….girls…

Do not really want to get into a gender debate here (and so early in the morning) but I was thinking this morning who does actually run the business world today?

Might sound a weird question but I was at an event the other week on digital marketing and they spoke about Google in great detail and said that Mathematicians run the world now a days.

Films such as Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room etc highlight that maybe back in the day the wide boy, over confident, pushy sales guru did then so I wanted to hear your thoughts

I guess its more of a question to also say what “type” of person is best placed to grow and run a business now and in the future with the world changing?

Someone with key skills in Sales, HR, Marketing, Accountancy, Analytics etc…..of course all of the above is the ideal person but the core background

I could also reference the apprentice and the winner normally being a sales person but that’s a whole new post 😉