Volunteering at Manchester’s Dogs Home

On Wednesday, we spent the day volunteering at Manchester’s Dogs Home. It was a great day, with us walking the dogs in the morning and then doing a bit of gardening to help them out and clear the drive of overgrown trees and bushes.

We loved every moment of it, and it was refreshing to meet some of the amazing volunteers there that spend their time looking after the hundreds of stray and lost dogs that come through the doors. It was eye opening to hear about how much they did, taking in around 5,000 dogs a year; walking them each day, feeding them, ensuring they’re all healthy, training them to make sure they’re fit to be adopted – the list goes on.

Each member of staff that we met has a real love for what they did, and often they’ll foster the dogs and take them home to help make sure they’re happy and comfortable.

It was clear to us that they need a little help from anyone, be that donating a bit of money, helping to walk the dogs – or even donating no longer needed gardening equipment.

We’re sure you all remember the tragic fire two years ago that took the lives of 60 innocent dogs. We’re all dogs lovers here at Bespoke (except Dave, but he’s a little bit dead inside) and wanted to do what we can to help them out. The only silver lining to come from the heart wrenching tragedy was, that in true Manchester spirit, our great city did what it does best and pulled together with a real sense of humanity to raise money to repair what we see as a vital part of the community and essential for the lives of so many beautiful animals.

It was clear when we arrived, that there is still much more work needed on the Dogs Home. The buildings could massively do with a bit of TLC, and there are many stories of donations and time promised that never materialised.

It’s easy to forget atrocities like this one, so we urge you – if you can help in anyway – we know it will be greatly appreciated and is massively needed.

Give their website a visit to see the many ways in which you can help out – http://www.dogshome.net/

But, here are some pictures from our day! Meet Yoko, Sebastian, Peter and 2Pac!!