Every Recruitment Business should have an Internal Recruitment function…..

A bold statement and one that could potentially send Bespoke right out of business But it’s true.

The recruitment to recruitment market is unbelievably candidate driven. There’s loads of jobs out there, for good people but there’s not many good people looking to move. This means that businesses can no longer pop in and out of the recruitment network and expect to immediately find the best candidate for the job. And that’s the case across the board from graduates and trainees to managers and directors.

Culture is a huge factor when attracting the right talent which means that that the recruitment messages and content being sent out are crucial. And the way to get that message just right, is by having an internal recruitment team, a team that completely understand your business and the recruitment market.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Recruiters often won’t use a rec2rec and they’ll be cautious about approaching a competitor director or hiring manager directly. Having an internal recruitment function avoids this and gives a softer launch pad for contact. A big factor for most companies to consider is the cost of bringing recruitment in house. However, recruitment companies already have the internal resources at their finger tips, from jobsite access and candidate databases to a Linkedin recruiter account. They’re good to go. The only additional cost would be the salary and the return on investment of the internal recruiter will quickly become apparent.

This dedicated in house rec2rec recruiter will be consistently pushing out the right messages in the right places, they’ll be 100% focused on the task in hand and will ensure that you get the highest quality candidates. Plus you’ll be totally in control and for the icing on the cake, you’ll avoid external recruitment fees.


With a seven year history in rec2rec, it may seem crazy to write this blog but the recruitment landscape is changing and we need to change with it. The tools we have to recruit are more and more available to us, making candidates easier to identify and yet it’s becoming harder and harder to engage with and attract this talent.

Bespoke Retainment Group is not only best placed to discuss how you can set up or grow this internal recruitment function, but we can also help bridge that gap in the short and medium term with our Retainment Model.

To discuss this further over a good cup of tea, call 07789221034/ email [email protected] or visit our website to find out more and watch our video case study on how this is working already for our clients.