Recruitment Jargon – What Does it Mean?

For some reason, recruiters feel the need to abbreviate everything, and for someone starting out in the industry it can be quite confusing. In order to try and help out any newbies, or cast some light on what saying’s mean – here is a list of some common phrases and abbreviations used in the recruitment industry!

GYGGood Young Guy

DGSMDamn Good Salesman

PRCPotential Recruitment Consultant

IMAVImmediately Available

Send OutSometimes this is a CV sent out or an interview depending on the agency

CINTCandidates Interview with Recruitment Consultant

Job HopperSomeone who doesn’t stay at one job for very long

OTEOn Target Earnings

DOEDepending on Experience

KSAKnowledge, Skills and Experience

Offer LetterThe documentation formally confirming the offer of the job

Garden LeaveThis is when an employee leaves and are told not to come back in the office during their notice period

InterimUsually consists of at least a 3 month contract normally for project work

FTC Fixed Term Contract, pre-arranged amount of time which could be between 3 months and 2 years

180 ConsultantsEither fully focused on resourcing candidates or fully focussed on business development

360 ConsultantsFull cycle consultant involving a combination of new business development and resourcing candidates

CanvassingMaking a client sales call

ClosingProcess of gaining commitment and agreement from either client or candidate

Direct ResourcingCompanies co-ordinating their own talent attraction

Head HuntApproaching typically passive individuals regarding a specific opportunity

PSLPreferred Supplier List

SLAService Level Agreement

EVPEmployee Value Proposition

KPIKey Performance Indicator

We rarely use the common recruitment jargon at Bespoke, so let us know if you think we have missed any crucial ones off the list!