The Real Housewives of Cheshire

I openly admit I love all these program’s from early big brother, love island (Dangerous Danan) to the recent MIC & TOWIE etc but watching The Real Housewives of Cheshire last night, which I enjoyed and will continue to watch, did get me thinking. Maybe it’s because I’m doing dry January and normally I catch up on these program’s after a hard day in work with a glass of red and take it as easy watching, entertaining TV, but I could not help think about what message it gives especially to young women.

What does it show when these ladies are living a very high life. A life which I am sure behind family and health we all aspire too, and they act in a certain way and have pretty much all married into a wealthy man. Granted some have built up businesses of the back of the men in their lives but still.

We speak about women in business and women at the top table which I think is very important and needs to happen but then we highlight rich women like this? I know there are many examples of very successful, self made, rich women in the UK so why are we not doing program’s to highlight these?

I will openly admit I love watching program’s on the rich and how they live, it inspires me, it motivates me to work even harder to try and achieve that level so I am sure if we highlighted successful women, real ones who have started with nothing, grafted, had set backs and over come theses it would surely do the same for young women (and me!) in business.

I might be looking into things too deep here and maybe I should just take it for the easy watching, entertaining TV it is but as a Dad of 2, very soon to be 3, it has got me thinking.

Be good to hear your thoughts even if it’s “pipe down Dave” haha

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