The Retainment Model – A Better Way

Traditionally people have 2 options when it comes to recruitment. The first being the agency approach and the second being in-house recruitment and both bring their respective challenges. The biggest frustration clients seem to find with agency recruitment is the lack of understanding of the client’s business and culture. The answer to this problem is to have a full time in house recruiter but that’s a big, expensive commitment that very few small and medium sizes businesses can justify.

So after 7 years in the industry we set to work, bridging the gap between in-house and agency recruitment and came up with the Retainment Model.

‘Retain’ has several meanings:

1. to keep in one’s possession

2. to be able to hold or contain

3. (of a person) to be able to remember (information, facts, etc) without difficulty

4. to keep for one’s future use, as by paying a retainer or nominal charge

And those 4 definitions, pretty much sum up the Retainment Model. We spend time with you, talking about your growth and immersing ourselves in your culture.

Once we fully understand your business we provide you with a pool of potential employees. This means that you get access to the strongest candidates around.

These candidates are not only the best out there but, because we know you, they’ll fit culturally with your business and your team too.

This means you’ll get all the benefits of an in house recruitment team, working on your behalf, who understand your recruitment needs and your culture but with the flexibility that suits your needs and at a cost you can afford, putting you in control.

To find out more about the Retainment Model, head to our video case study with our client Cube3.