Music in The Office – Yes or No?

At Bespoke, we’re more than welcome to play music in the office; whether this helps to fill silences (due to Tony and Dave often being out on site meetings) or helps us get on with our work; we can listen to whatever we like. They even put up my a few of my favourite heavy metal bands, however, I often wonder what other companies thoughts are on this.

I know plenty of people who are not even allowed headphones in, let alone being able to play music aloud. Is this because it’s seen as distracting? Or because it makes the atmosphere of the office less professional?

As someone that finds listening to music whilst working (especially when writing) extremely helpful; I would struggle in a space where I had to work in complete silence all day. I tend to get distracted by everything and anything around me, and music really helps me concentrate on whatever task I’m working on.

Is this a feasible thing for Bespoke due to us being a small company and it’s easy enough to ask someone to turn it down if we’re on a call? Or because it’s often the case that we can be in on our own so it doesn’t really matter?

Or is it just because we like to have a relaxed, comfortable working environment where people can do whatever they need in order to work to the best of their ability?

Understandably, this view may change if we were to make a hire where someone must work in complete silence in order to finish projects, we would then have to re-think this approach. However, I also think are these people a better fit within the corporate companies where a “no music” policy applies?

It would be great to get your thoughts on this! Do you work better when you can put music on, or is it even allowed in your office?